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Shipping from the UK to Ukraine

Quality shipping to Ukraine, requires:

  • Having connections
  • High-level decision making
  • Trust and experience

By working with both smaller local postage companies and global postage giants we are able to find least costly and most effective ways with little time consumption to deliver a parcel from the UK to Ukraine. We use eco-friendly transport to provide a solid range of postage services and also help the environment by reducing emissions and.

Ukraine has a few regulations that you should know and not break. Ukraine’s border/customs are responsible for all deliveries coming from the outside to Ukraine. They prevent the items on the restrictions and prohibitions list to enter. Along with the basic restrictions on drugs, live animals and the generic list of things outlined by the UPU, here are a few more items that are either forbidden or regulated so their import could be monitored:

ATTENTION: Shipping and posting to the war-zone Lukhansk or Donetsk areas is considered dangerous. Until the situation calms, avoid sending your items to this region, if possible. Try to contact anyone living there to pick-up parcels outside of the conflict zone

  • Weapons, ammunition
  • Any printed material urging or advocating terrorism, violence, war, racism, anti-Semitism or fascism.
  • X-Rays
  • Televisions
  • Credit cards, blank cheques, credit card blanks.
  • Printed and audio-visual matters: Containing appeals for extremist and terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism, pornographic material; produced and distributed with breach of customs legislation of Eurasian Economic Commonwealth about elections and referendums; intended for propaganda of Nazi symbols, or symbols alike with Nazi symbols, or symbols, which could be mixed with Nazi symbols; Containing information which could do harm to the political or economic interest of the Ukrainian state, its national security, health and morality of its citizens.

Before you ship a packet from the United Kingdom to Ukraine, make sure that your parcel does not contain any of the listed items. Ukraine’s border control is strict, so beware. You might be fined for not following the rules and trying to break the law. Please keep your time and wallet protected!

Regarding UK originated parcels, remember that there are custom check-ups. Your parcels might get opened for routine checks.

Parcelabc would also like to kindly askyou to not send anything with the intent to hide a commercial purpose or weapons, dangerous propaganda type materials and etc. If you follow Ukrainian postage rules and act respectfully, they will not hesitate to treat you with the most kindness and your parcel as well. If it is an important parcel, add Cyrillic fonts to the labels (in Ukrainian or Russian, or both), provide all of the required documentation you can rest assure that your package is going to arrive safely and swiftly.

Once the package is cleared, handling your parcel until the final delivery is really easy. Now it is only a matter of door-to-door deliveries. Shipping from the UK to Ukraine depends on your decision-making to become most effective. Parcelabc takes pride in giving the customer abilities and choices to determine the best way to get deliveries in Ukraine.

If you are looking for someone to get your parcel from the United Kingdom over to Ukraine, Parcelabc is the go-to service provider in this field. We offer:

  • uncompromised quality
  • rapid responses
  • client-oriented service
  • fair prices

All of these features are available for all of our customers. Registration is not needed. Just fill in the quote, select the desired shipping method, pay and enjoy the quick and cheap delivery to Ukraine.