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Couriers to Ukraine

Parcelabc will make sure that parcel deliveries to Ukraine are smooth and quick. Remember that you get to decide which company is going to handle your package(s). We offer the best rates from various companies delivering from the UK to Ukraine and Parcelabc can also help you out in any case of questions occuring.

International shipping to Ukraine requires a lot of careful and well thought out planning. Handing your parcel over to a serious and dedicated courier is the finest option in order to avoid confusing and unpleasant situations. We take care of your package. The parcel should arrive in Lvov, Kharkov or anywhere in the Ukraine within a few days.

Whether you need to get your English biscuits delivered to an aunt or cousin in Kursk or a set of golf clubs to your business partner Oleh in downtown Kiev, Parcelabc can offer you a lot of courier services to get the job done in the cheapest way possible.

We would like to remind you that other courier companies have their own rules regarding parcel acceptance. Every single company follows an individual set of guidelines, adapted to their service. While ours can be found on our website, there are other companies which we recommend getting familiar with before sending a parcel, using their service.

After the order on the quote is confirmed, you and the courier schedule a suitable time for collection and once the package is picked-up, you are going to get a unique tracking number which is linked with the parcel you sent. “Live Tracking” is a new, revolutionary way to track parcels on our website. You can see the parcel’s movements and past activities anytime and anywhere.

Express deliveries to Ukraine.

  • Faster
  • Optimal
  • Communicative

If previous couriers let you down or something important came up, which requires making deliveries to Ukraine quickly, we can help you out. Fill in the quote, pick out courier services which offer Express postage. The express label will help you distinguish Express from regular postage. Choose the option you feel most comfortable with by evaluating the pros and cons of all remaining selections and voila! That’s just about it. We’ll help you out if needed!

We also have connections with a worldwide network of couriers. Visa-free regime the Ukraine instituted allows for faster and quicker deliveries from the EU. Just remember that with Parcelabc, it’s always up to you to decide how your parcel is going to reach Ukraine. Select the desired method, whether it is the quickest one or the cheapest one.

Your parcels heading to Ukraine can also be double-insured. How? Parcelabc offers an optional service to insure your package. We recommend (strongly) doing this if you are sending the packet for the very first time or if the parcel contains something extremely precious sentimentally or valuable in monetary terms.

No registration is required in order to access all courier services on Parcelabc. The couriers take full responsibility to deliver the package without damaging it, so it works as a double layer of protection if you decide to insure it on Parcelabc. To sum up, you get protection from the courier and Parcelabc.

Why does Parcelabc get the best rates for shipping from the UK to Ukraine? With our numerous connections in the courier and delivery business, we can offer deliveries in the Ukraine and the United Kingdom for much better costs than our competitors. The services our company offers are designed to satisfy the customer, giving them the ability to decide which not many other companies can offer.

As mentioned before, costs of postage services are determined individually. Accurate calculations are based on the travel distance, weight and measurements along with a few other factors. All of the courier companies delivering to Ukraine have individual price calculators, but you can see the costs for any particular delivery on our website.